Travelling Ireland in Depth.

Update.  1st December  2016.

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Busy reading The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde by Joseph Pearce.

A recent painting of the waterfall at Powerscourt county Wicklow. My first attempt. My family and I have been visiting this very beautiful valley for many decades.




Maureen Colgan on the day we were married. 26th September 1959. She was just eighteen. Wednesday next will be the 1st Anniversary of her death aged 74, here in Ireland .

Because of  a lifetime of appreciated medical care, Maureen dedicated her body to science.  More about Maureen below.



Below a painting I am working on of the famous ancient fort, Grianan of Aileach, or The Sun Palace of Aileach in Donegal not too far from the city of Derry. There are some magnificent views of the beautiful surrounding countryside from the ramparts.



Recently I received a very nice letter from ex-movie -star, Dolores Hart. She starred in two films with Elvis Presley 1957/58. Also with a host of other top movie stars till 1963 when she entered the Abbey of Regina Laudis, Bethlehem, CT and became a nun. We have been exchanging messages since 1998. Her biographical book, “The Ear of the Heart”, tells of her career in Hollywood and, sad at times, early childhood. She appeared in a 20/20 documentary telling of her fun time with Elvis, and her much later tough decision to join the Abbey. Extracts can be seen on youtube.

I have been busy of late taking photos of the east coast and also painting pictures.


DSCF4671 (2)


June 7 2016.

Above.  Notes to Maureen Colgan and yours truly 1961 from Graceland. The story behind them was first covered by TV, Radio, and the Press in Ireland, USA and UK., 1997. The note to Maureen signed ‘Sincerely Elvis Presley’ went to the hospital where she was very ill. The other initialled EP arrived at our home address back then.




Saturday in a very rain soaked county Wicklow.  The bright side was the roads were empty of traffic. Peaceful and very quiet.

County Wicklow.




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This website hosts a very personal view of Ireland and stories related to this very beautiful country.

Above is a view of the coastal cliffs at Mizen Head taken many years go as my wife Maureen and I travelled the south coast . The photo was taken from the bridge that leads to the famous lighthouse. The lighthouse is now a fascinating museum and open to the public. This image is rarely seen on postcards. The place is often missed  being as it is off the beaten track. Nevertheless it is well worth visiting as the scenery is stunning.


Maureen Colgan. (R.I.P.) Maureen was my English wife of almost 56 years. She passed away aged 74, last September.  Maureen has travelled the length and breadth of Ireland since she first arrived in Dublin from Manchester where she was born, and via Liverpool where we caught the night boat to Ireland. A nine hour trip in 1963.

This photo was taken on Howth head. Across the bay is Dalkey, Bray head, and the Wicklow  mountains. Maureen will feature on many of the photos of beautiful Ireland as she loved this country and saw places on this huge island that many Irish people have missed out on.

We travelled the highways and more importantly the by-ways, mountain and forest tracks, in cars, buses, trains motorbikes and on foot. When hitch-hiking was easy and safe. Those were the days that will be covered here.  Travelogues I leave to the professionals. :-)


Working on my latest painting. The Great Blasket island off the coast of Kerry. This view can be seen if you drive along the coast road heading south from Dingle for about 20 minutes or more. There is plenty to see along the route. The scenery is magnificent. The movie “Ryan’s Daughter” starring Robert Mitchum, was filmed in the locality. Boat trips to the famous island are available, weather permitting.


Ireland. Landscapes and Culture.





A rare portrait of Ludwig Van Beethoven. His magnificent 7th symphony is based on an Irish air, “Save Me From the Wise and Grave”. The 4th movement “The apotheosis of the dance”, said Wagner.

It would have  Michael Flatley, of River Dance fame, spinning.

Welcome to this website where stories about Ireland and the extraordinary impact this little island has had on the world will include a great many music related episodes sure to educate and entertain.

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Above a view from the very beautiful Skellig Michael.  Recently episodes of the latest “Star Wars” movies, were shot there.

The rocky Skellig islands are roughly twelve kilometres from the coast of county Kerry. Boat trips are available in the summer season. It would be wise to bear in mind the climb to the summit of Skellig Michael is very steep indeed, and no hand rails!

A lot more information can be found about the Skellig islands on Wikipedia and google searches. There will be more here later as  I research further.


Ireland is an ancient land with an amazing history. Before the bronze age little is known of the inhabitants, but the massive man-made stone and rock structures dotted all over the Irish countryside tell of a people with a great knowledge of building complex structures, and a fine understanding of  Astronomy.

Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are  prime  examples.

Also above a life-sized bronze statue of, “Elvis at 13”, by sculptor, Michiel Vander Sommen, holds the Irish tricolour in August 2015.

The bronze was unveiled 8th January 2002. The very popular much photographed statue stands close to the little wooden house where Elvis Presley was born, 8th January 1935, in Tupelo Mississippi, USA. The idea for it came from, would you believe? Yours truly. Giving Ireland a neat little part in the Elvis Presley story. Worthy of a TV Documentary.

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