Elvis Presley 40th Anniversary 16 August 1977-2017.


Updated.  23th May 2017.

Card from Elvis co-star Dolores Hart arrived today.

The Guardian newspaper of the UK has yet another very misleading and poorly thought out article on Elvis. No news is bad news. 🙂




Elvis Presley a millionaire at 21 returned to his birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi 26th September 1956 to do a benefit concert. He was given keys to the city by the Mayor.

The newspaper article is from the Northside Dublin People printed some years ago. Maureen and I by the ‘Elvis at 13’ statue in Tupelo August 2002.

Swords. Tel 8403685.

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A small Elvis Presley Museum in Dublin Ireland is Needed. It would be a Great Tourist attraction. Entrepreneurs? Landlords?

1961 I wrote to Elvis Presley. Replies below. Authenticated by Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, and Graceland.

1997 the story won us a trip to Memphis. May 1998 an RTE1 radio Documentary covering our trip to Graceland was broadcast. Received  letters from Elvis co stars Dolores Hart and Anne Helm etc.

January 2002 After my suggestion to the Mayor of Tupelo MS the ‘Elvis at 13’ statue by Michiel Vander Sommen was unveiled. We were invited to the city by the Mayor.

My bid for a Statue of Elvis as a soldier was covered by ‘Stars and Stripes’ US Army newspaper 16th August 2002.

2003 Invited to Memphis by a Presley relative. Maureen’s idea of an ‘Elvis at 3’ statuette realised. 2015 two more statues of Elvis by Michiel Vander Sommen unveiled. I was there after an invitation from Michiel. We had dinner together that day. Models and images of the statues on all sorts of items are available for sale at Elvis’s birthplace shop.  Plaques depicting the ‘Elvis at 13’ have been placed all around the city of Tupelo. Did I start an industry in the USA?



Met Elvis’s first manager and famous guitarist Scotty Moore backstage  at Vicar Street in Dublin.

There is a lot more to be told. Deserves a feature, Documentary, a movie!!!

16th August 2017 the 40th Anniversary of Elvis’s death. Lots of media interest, and I have a truly amazing Elvis story  to share.  Call 353 01 8403685

Elvis at 3 by sculptor Michiel Vander Sommen. Maureen my Wife gave him the idea when he was here in our home. The little statue is available to purchase at the Elvis birthplace shop in Tupelo MS USA.


Contacted by RTE1 Liveline.

Elvis at 13 by his birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi USA., by sculptor Michiel Vander Sommen.

 The idea of the statue was born in my head here in Ireland and transmitted by letter to, Larry K Otis, the Mayor of Tupelo. The story deserves a Documentary.




The third very successful  Annual Elvis Presley Festival in Hacketstown 23rd 24th July 2017. All are welcome.




There is an Elvis stamp on ebay, asking price just, ONE Million Dollars!


A painting I have done of the Ocean crashing on rocks.

My wife, a little ‘Jewish Princess’ on the day we married 26th September 1959. Maureen passed away 14th September 2015. I miss her every long day.






















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