Beethoven Elvis & Ireland in Depth. 24th September 2017.

Why not an Irish Elvis stamp. They sell by the hundreds of millions! The USA, and many other countries such as Germany, Holland, Sweden etc., and lately Australia have issued them.  Any An Post CEOs looking in?

There is an Elvis stamp on ebay, asking price just, 1 Million Dollars!

A scenefrom the movie ‘Loving You’ starring  Elvis Presley and Dolores Hart 1957. Saw it at the cinemas, maybe  ten times that year!

The car seen is A Dodge Coronet V8.  I bought one 1964. I wrote to Dolores Hart 1998 at the Abbey of Regina Laudis Bethlehem CT USA. She kindly replied. We have been in touch ever since. Her book ‘The Ear of the Heart’ covers her poignant life story from childhood to Hollywood, to becoming a Nun in 1963! The book is available on amazon.




An old polaroid photo from 1980/81.  The Paintings, copies of Van Gogh and Renoir etc.,   are by yours truly. They were, along with 55 more, sold that year. Maureen my wife and I were fond of a glass of Guinness or two back then. Happier days.

Beautiful Planet Ireland! Painting on canvas to follow.

My painting of a park in Los Angeles USA., from a photo. For Patricia Bunin of ‘Senior Moments’ a facebook friend living in California.


A painting I have done of the Ocean crashing on rocks.

My wife, a little ‘Jewish Princess’ on the day we married 26th September 1959. Maureen passed away 14th September 2015. I miss her every long day.

Below the notes from Graceland 1961 to Maureen and I, signed, Sincerely Elvis Presley, and initialled,  EP., respectfully. The story  / Saga was/is  covered extensively on TV, Radio, newspapers and magazines from 1997 to this day.

The statue of ‘Elvis at 13’ seen above, would you believe, is there because of a letter the writer sent to the Mayor of Tupelo MS in January 2001, suggesting a statue of Elvis as a boy would be good for tourism to the city.

The statue was unveiled 8th January, 2002!! It has been a great success.





Ireland. Landscapes and Culture.

A rare portrait of Ludwig Van Beethoven. His magnificent 7th symphony is based on an Irish air, “Save Me From the Wise and Grave”. The 4th movement “The apotheosis of the dance”, said Wagner.

It would have  <Michael Flatley>, of River Dance fame, spinning.

Welcome to this website where stories about Ireland and the extraordinary impact this little island has had on the world will include a great many music related episodes sure to educate and entertain.


Above a view from the very beautiful Skellig Michael.  Recently episodes of the latest <“Star Wars”> movies, were shot there.

The rocky Skellig islands are roughly twelve kilometres from the coast of county Kerry. Boat trips are available in the summer season. It would be wise to bear in mind the climb to the summit of Skellig Michael is very steep indeed, and no hand rails!

A lot more information can be found about the Skellig islands on Wikipedia and google searches. There will be more here later as  I research further.

Ireland is an ancient land with an amazing history. Before the bronze age little is known of the inhabitants, but the massive man-made stone and rock structures dotted all over the Irish countryside tell of a people with a great knowledge of building complex structures, and a fine understanding of  Astronomy.

<Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth> are  prime  examples.


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